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Video content is the number one tool used to provide valuable content to your target audience. It is so important that more than 80% of digital marketers use them instead of blogs and infographics.

If you want to attract attention from your competitors, it is imperative to start using videos' power. Even though we are starting to discover the effectiveness of video marketing, it isn't a new medium; it has been around since the 1940s. Platforms like YouTube and Vimeo have unleashed the importance of videos in marketing. Incredible Stats

Video marketing allows users to share your company information quickly and straightforwardly. It is hard to believe that half a billion people worldwide watch videos on YouTube every single day. It is crucial to understand that more than 72% of people want to acknowledge new products and services by watching a video instead of reading. And, 85% have bought a product or service after engaging with a brand's video.

Top 4 Benefits of Video Marketing

1. Boosts Conversions

One of the best video marketing features is that it allows potential customers to know more about the brand and better understand the product; according to Hubspot, brands that added a video to their website boost sales by 84%. Video marketing is the perfect solution for reaching those people who don't like to read. Videos are easy to watch, and you can do it anywhere you are. It takes less work to focus on a video than understanding text.

2. Increases Viewer Engagement

Sixty-five percent of people check out a website after watching a branded video. This proves that top quality video content can improve SEO. Video marketing increases your online presence by driving more traffic to your site. Boosting your site's visits is crucial for better ranking at search engines like Google. Please note that the more people watch and click your videos, the higher you appear in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

3. Enhance Brand Awareness

Videos are one of the leading ways for getting all types of messages to your consumers. It is possible in a short, one-of-a-kind explainer video to educate people while boosting brand awareness. Thanks to video, it is easier to stand out from the competition as you can effectively catch your consumer's attention and convinced them while they're entertained. We strongly suggest using different types of videos like animated, illustrated, explainer, etc., to suit your product's message.

4. Provide Good Return On Investment (ROI)

Digital marketing agencies have noticed that video marketing brings excellent ROI. Creating and editing videos is becoming more affordable, paying off big time. Even smartphones can build powerful videos these days.

Remember, the most critical thing in a video is the content. Don't worry if it's not perfect focus on providing value to your target audience. As a seller, it is your responsability to stay on top of the competition by adopting the latest trends. Reach us if you want to develop your video marketing strategy.

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