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20 Citations

One of the most important steps to take in order to optimize your Google My Business listing is investing in high-quality optimization. When you get more traffic, you'll have a higher chance of converting those visitors into customers. The main benefits are more exposure, more leads and higher conversion rates.

When it comes to optimization for Google My Business listings you want to make sure that your website isn't using any black hat tactics or spammy techniques that could potentially harm google's algorithm. This is important because the goal of a business owner should be getting as many qualified people through their door instead of losing quality leads to the competition as possible.

We build Quality Links to Your GMB Listing - Build quality links that point to your page in order to rank higher on Google search engine results pages (SERPs). The more backlinks you have, the better your chance of success. When building links we choose sites with a high domain authority so they can be ranked higher than those without one.

We help you grow your social media following for your business by using Facebook ads or other marketing channels such as Instagram and Twitter Marketing. Social Media has been named as the most effective way when it comes down to cost per lead generation. Grow social media follower base and use Facebook ads which are cheaper than google Adwords since they work off an algorithm rather than a bidding system.

We take the power of high-quality optimization for Your GMB Listing and link it to your optimised Facebook page, add our professional Website and in no time you have a small web presence that has the ability to grow ( our basic marketing package). Traffic and Conversions are not easy to come by these days. The best way to improve high-quality optimization for your Google My Business listing is by focusing on the basics and not taking shortcuts in order to get ahead of the competition.

We promote your local listings to get you more exposure and gain new customers with Google My Business. But it's work on your end too, you always need to add content to the site, keep an eye on reviews from previous clients, respond quickly when someone leaves a review for your business, make sure you are listing hours of operation in each post so that potential customers know what time they need to come if it is during peak working hours or after work. If you offer coupons or specials then include them on google my business as well because this will attract people looking for discounts.

Complexity in creating and running ad sets

Creating and using ad sets is a very easy way for advertising on Facebook. With creating the ad set, you can associate several ads to it. This means if one of your ads don't work (e.g. low CTR), you can adjust that specific ad before changing all of them or stopping the whole campaign. On the other hand, an extremely successful ad might need some more budget - which you'll provide with another associated ad set. Since there are countless possibilities in creating and running your ads, we're going to focus on two types of campaigns:

1) Using 1 ad set which contains 1 facebook pixel tracking code

2) Using 2 separate ad sets which contain 1 pixel tracking code each

I will explain the idea behind this in a moment. First, some basics:

What is a pixel tracking code?

A pixel tracking code (or sometimes also called analytics or conversion mark) is simply some javascript which sends data to your facebook advertisers account regarding the ad set. When someone saw this ad and did something like commented on it, clicked it, shared it etc., your pixel tracked that action. If you have more than one pixel on your page, there will be multiple events for certain actions.

There are two types of pixels - those for conversions and those for website visitors. The first one sends details when someone actually converted (e.g. made a purchase), while the second tells you who came to the site but didn't complete the desired event yet (e.g they added items to their shopping cart detailed targeting as your page starts to grow in popularity. Also, it's good to test things out before you start running ads on a bigger scale!

In the end, we make sure that your target audience matches the product or service you are offering. You wouldn't want your ad campaign for luxury watches shown only to people who are interested in puppies right?


Ever since citations have become a ranking factor for local search, it has been clear that citations can be used to help improve your rankings and drive traffic. As citations are so powerful in this way, some people have gone as far as to say that citations aren't worth doing unless you're looking to use them for SEO.

This is certainly not the case - citations are still extremely important even if you don't think they'll help with your commercial goals! Citations are useful even if they don't affect rankings or lead generation There are several benefits of citations which go beyond just helping you rank higher or generating more leads. Below I've listed citations' top 5 unsung benefits:

Why citations are so powerful
Third party citations (or references) tell search engines that your business is trusted by someone else. In theory, this can help you rank for more competitive terms, as Google will see the high caliber of citations and reviews about you as a sign of trustworthiness.

1) Improving your site's local SEO ranking factors
As citations influence rankings in local results, they're a fantastic way to improve all four 'P's' of local SEO: Place, Promotion, Position, and Page optimisation. Getting citations on place pages is useful because it tells Google where you operate from; getting them on review sites helps with promotion; having citations at the top of SERPs improves position; and ensuring citations are present across your site can help you to improve your ranking page.

2) Gaining citations for specific keywords
As citations show up in results for specific search queries, getting citations with keywords will have a positive impact on your traffic. Likewise, if you're trying to rank for multiples terms in the same vertical (for example: 'London hair salon'), get citations using one of those terms rather than all of them to avoid diluting the link equity earned from citations and reviews about you.

3) Increasing conversions
The whole point of citations is that they increase trust in your business; if there are sites vouching for its reputation, then it must be an authority worth visiting! Getting citations can lead to more consistent visits by existing customers and increased enquiries from new ones.

Citations definitely help your local SEO efforts, but how exactly should you go about getting citations? Here are some I have compiled that will hopefully help.

4) Getting citations (the easy way!)
The best of the best citations list is Moz's Local Citation Finder . Spend time on this and fill up as many spaces with citations as possible.

5) Analytics for citations
It can be hard to tell when citations can affect a business, but by installing Google Analytics into your website, then you will see there is one tool that shows direct visits only. This is because when someone clicks on your link in a citation profile it takes them directly to your website rather than through their browser which would track as a referrer. So it's actual visits you want to see in Analytics, nothing else! You will be amazed at the traffic some citations can generate for your business.

6) Local citations and citations in general
One thing I have learn is that citations alone do not help much, it's when citations are combined with links that they begin to work their magic. I also think citations should only make up around 5% of a link profile. For example if you have 100 websites linking to your site then about 5 of them should be citations.

7) How long does it take?
This can vary from one week to 6 months so there is no way of knowing, but I will say citations by themselves are not the best method for instant traffic. If you follow this guide carefully then I'm sure it won't be very long at all until your website starts to receive citations and links from other sites.

8) Why citations now?
As we saw earlier citations are good because they have an actual human link attached to them so this makes Google think "This site must be important if another important site links to them, lets move it up in the rankings".

9) How do you get citations and how many should you get?
The more citations the better really and as a minimum I would recommend 5 citations per city but 10-15 citations per city is much better and will help your rankings more.

10) Getting citations
There are many ways to get citations, the easiest and best way is to do it yourself manually but you can also do it automatically using software or a service like ours ( ). I would strongly recommend that if you are in a city with a population over 300,000 people then doing citations manually as well as automated citations is the best option for you.

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