So your business needs Phone Calls?

RDM Agency can help! The fastest way to get your phone ringing is to have an optimized GMB listing for the leads in your local search and a PPC Strategy that puts your offer right in your potential clients face.

So many businesses don't even have a GMB Listing and most of the companies that do, the listing is not optimized. Anyone can set up a GMB because it's free but only a skilled agency can put your listing in whats called "The Map Pack". The Map pack are the top 3 business in the search that by far get the most phone calls.

We use software to find out how far your reach is with your listing and with the data we collect we make an informed decision on strategy to move your listing into the "The Map Pack."

What Digital Marketing Products Can You Use To Generate "Phone Calls" For Your Business

Letting people approach your business by phone call can increase sales and establish trust. Although most marketers use digital marketing products to drive engagement online, customers still want to talk.

It's essential to optimize marketing to make the website's visitors call and convert over the phone. According to recent studies, there are more than 4.75 billion smartphone users eager to contact your business by phone. But most people wouldn't keep looking for the number if they can't find it in less than one minute. The best way to boost sales is by making wise marketing decisions to promote lead generation and conversions.

Business owners and marketers concentrate all their efforts thinking about driving more traffic to their website through email, social media, and pay-per-click ads. These digital products are terrific for generating leads, establishing profound relationships, and enhancing brand loyalty. But it's essential to consider those clients that need to have personal communication by phone before they buy their product or service.

Providing potential customers the option to call and ask questions before they buy is critical to boosting sales and revenue. This creates trust in your company and brands and encourages customers through the sales funnel. Here you'll find several strategies you can use to boost customer calls with digital marketing products. These hacks include testing and analyzing your info.

1. Click-To-Call Advertising

Click-to-call is a useful digital marketing tool that you must include in your marketing strategy. This marketing type provides potential customers the chance to talk with your customer support team by clicking a mobile ad. When clients or prospects click on the ad, they're immediately connected with a real person letting your organization close more sales and make a strong bond with customers. One of the primary benefits of using click-to-call is that it reduces the sales funnel as it's easier to inform prospects about the advantages of your product or service. Instead of customers going through the landing page or website's contact form, they talk directly to a real person.

In simple words, your business phone will ring. This digital marketing tool allows customers to talk directly to a member of your team. When a prospect sees a text ad on a mobile device, he can immediately call your business with the click of a button. These buttons are usually placed on websites, pay-per-click ads, and as hyperlinks in emails. For best results, click-to-call buttons should be placed where your target audience is geographical.

2. Website

It's common to see on websites clear calls to action like "Subscribe" or "Sign Up Now," but few sites animate prospects and clients to call. A CTA that encourages people to ring your business phone can boost leads and sales through phone traffic. A business website must show the number on the first page; avoid having it at the bottom of the page or in a different menu. Sixty-eight percent of customers leave a site if they can't notice a contact number in less than 120 seconds. If your business website doesn't have a visible CTA that animate customers to solve their doubts by calling, you're benefiting the competition.

Make sure to add a CTA on your website's homepage that permits people to access your contact information immediately. This includes a phone number and email. We recommend trying out different CTA styles and positions on the website. Using various CTA colors can help you determine which one creates the most significant impact on your audience. Split-testing is vital to generate more leads and phone calls to your organization.

3. Customer Service

Customer service is crucial if you want to increase phone traffic. As a business owner, it's your responsibility to decide if you're going to outsource the job or control the work in-house. We recommend sub-contracting the service if you own a small business. If you have the resources, have a customer support staff in-house. Doing this allows you to have more control over the process. It's crucial to determine if you'll have the option to live chat with customers in addition to phone help. Live discussions and chatbots are potent tools that can support people searching for a quick answer, but make sure to select and prioritize one or the other if you don't have enough resources.

Please don't forget to prepare your staff so that they can give outstanding customer service. Remember that if you want to promote phone calls, it's vital to deliver excellent customer service. Prospects that experience bad service can destroy your brand's reputation. On the contrary, customers with positive connections are more likely to recommend your business.

Bottom Line

You can think about phone calls as a type of direct response marketing. Phone calls are terrific for supporting customers get answers to their questions immediately. This marketing type is making a profound impression in multiple businesses and industries as it boosts sales and increases brand recognition. When a person calls, it implies she has an interest in your products or services. This leads to a shorter sales funnel. Contact a digital marketing agency to implement these digital marketing products in your business.