Why Link Building is Essential to Online Success

SEO is a complicated and constantly-changing sector of marketing. Professionals spend their entire careers trying to keep up with the latest Google updates and improve their website’s ranking. Whether you are new to SEO or a seasoned pro, it is important to consider the value of link building.

Link building is still one of the top determining factors when it comes to Google rankings. A solid link building strategy can help your website stand out from the crowd and improve your business as a whole. Thankfully, you do not have to be an SEO expert to learn the importance of link building. Keep reading to find out how link building can lead to your success online.

What is link building?

Link building involves acquiring links to your website on other sites. Hyperlinks, sometimes referred to a backlinks, can point visitors from one site to yours. Link building is a crucial factor in search engine optimization because links can signal the quality of a site for search engines like Google.

Black-hat SEO practices, like buying links or manipulative link building tactics, will not lead to online success. This article will focus on earned links and viable link building strategies to help improve SEO rankings, increase website traffic, and boost your brand’s authority.

Types of Links

The types of links included in your link building strategy can impact your success. Some links are valued more than others when it comes to search rankings, so you should be strategic about the kinds of links you utilize. While article submissions and directory listings were once common practices, an ever-changing Google algorithm has rendered these strategies obsolete. Instead, brands should focus on earned editorial links and links achieved through outreach.

Editorial Links

Editorial links are considered the best for link building because the link was given to you by another website. You do not have to ask for editorial links, buy them, or manipulate the system to achieve them. This type of link is very efficient and effective, but it can only be earned with quality content.

Outreach Links

Outreach links are the most common type of links for link building. You can contact website owners or bloggers and request that they link to your site. This strategy takes more time and requires focus. You have to narrow down your list of relevant contacts and provide quality content that makes them want to link to your site.

Why does link building matter?

We’ve already noted that link building is directly tied to SEO, but it goes beyond that. A successful link building strategy can help you form lasting business connections, receive consistent referrals, and establish your brand as an industry authority.

Search Rankings

Google places a high value on quality backlinks. The search engine is more likely to rank a site with more quality links over a site with little to no links. Link building can help boost the visibility of your website, establish trust with searchers online, and help you beat your competition.

Building Industry Connections

When you reach out to others in your industry to request a backlink, you are forming a connection. Whether you contact influential bloggers, other companies, or thought leaders, you can open a two-way street for support and information. These relationships can continue to help you in the future as your connections link to your site and encourage their connections to do the same.

Increase Traffic through Referrals

A link from one site to yours is as valuable as a word of mouth referral. Hyperlinks on other websites can greatly increase the traffic of your website, sending relevant audiences to your page.

Establish Brand Authority

Backlinks are a sign of trust. The other website is providing a vote of confidence for your site, encouraging their audience to give your content a try. Just like you would only recommend the best restaurants to your friends, a backlink serves as a quality recommendation for your website and sets you apart as an authority in the industry.

Tips for Successful Link Building

Now that you understand how link building can lead to online success, how do you get backlinks? You can try a variety of link building strategies and determine what works best for your business and industry, but here are some ideas to get you started.

Create content worth linking to. Sites will only link to your content if it is relevant and high quality. Narrow your outreach list to sites with loyal followings and a history of backlinking. Offer to write guest blogs for other sites in exchange for a backlink. Create content that appeals to someone’s ego. They are more likely to share your content on their own site if it involves them.

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