Q: Define inbound marketing.
A: Inbound marketing is a strategy for attracting consumers by providing relevant information and interactions regarding their needs.

Q: Define performance marketing?
A: Performance-based advertising, or pay-for-performance advertising, is a form of advertising where payment is made only after milestones are met.

Q: Define personal branding?
A: Personal branding is where individuals and their skills are marketed as brands.

Q: How can I grow my business on social media?
A: There are my different approaches to growing your business using social media. Advertising on multiple social platforms is one sure-fire way of growing your business using social media.

Q: How can I make my brand stand out?
A: We help make brands stand out more by creating a more thorough engagement on social media. Providing fruitful information that is new will help generate new organic traffic and help build your business's content. 

Q: How does Google Analytics benefit my business?
A: Using Google Analytics allows you to monitor your customers' behavior, what they're looking for, and whether or not they are interested in your business. It helps target specifically what works and what doesn't.

Q: How do I get my content featured on other websites?
A: One way to get your content featured on another website is by paying for ad space.

Q: How do marketing funnels work?
A: A funnel is the set of steps a visitor takes before they make a purchase.

Q: What methods do you use to nurture leads?
A: One method to nurture a lead is following up occasionally and re-insuring the potential client of your ability to fulfill their need.

Q: How often should I update my blog or make new content?
A: The more often new content is made, the better. Creating content daily is one way to build recurring engagement with your visitors.

Q: How quickly will I see results from your work?
A: The amount of time before seeing results varies depending on the type of services requested. Generating traffic can occur within minutes but Google ranking takes weeks for example.

Q: Is a blog necessary?
A: Blogs are not mandatory; however, using a blog on your site has its benefits. The primary benefit of having a blog is building keywords and SEO. This helps search engines find your website when certain words or phrases are searched for.

Q: Is an email newsletter mandatory?
A: No, email newsletters are not mandatory. They do, however provide another outlet for advertising and informing.

Q: Is buying an email list a good idea?
A: Buying email lists is just an option. The most efficient route would be to build your list from scratch.

Q: Is email marketing effective?
A: Any opportunity to market directly to potential clients is effective.

Q: Is having videos beneficial for marketing?
A: Videos are beneficial for marketing because they allow even more information to be shared.

Q: Is it necessary for me to update my website regularly?
A: Being up to date on your website is very important. Many times your website is the first place people go to get information about you or your products.

Q: Is long-form content better than short-form content?
A: All content affects your web traffic. Long-form content contains more information and can be created easily using transcribing audio.

Q: Is mobile internet separate from computer internet?
A: The internet experience is the same on all devices; however, the device and web browsers can drastically affect your experience.

Q: Is SEO important for my website?
A: SEO is essential for websites that want more traffic. SEO is one of the primary factors of gaining organic traffic to your website.

Q: What are keywords?
A: A keyword can be any word. Keywords are usually the words someone types in when searching for something.

Q: What are lead magnets?
A: A lead magnet is a promo sent to potential customers in return for their email address or phone number (which you can then market to directly).

Q: What does a call to action do?
A: A call to action gets an immediate reaction from the reader or listener, like a click or a vote.

Q: What does content marketing mean?
A: Content marketing can be any form of media that promotes awareness of your brand.

Q: What does conversion rate optimization mean?
A: Conversion rate optimization means maximizing all resources to outlets that generate the most traction and working on better ways of converting.

Q: What does digital marketing mean?
A: Digital marketing is all marketing done online.

Q: What does local SEO mean?
A: Local SEO makes sure that your written content links people searching for your product or service in their area specifically.

Q: What does marketing automation mean?
A: Marketing automation is when your marketing is being taken care of consistently without stagnating.

Q: What does native advertising mean?
A: Native advertising is when a brand pertaining to your field advertises through your content.

Q: What does PPC mean? 
A: PPC stands for Pay Per Click and is often associated with banner ads.

Q: What does SEO mean?
A: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and drastically affects where your content is ranked on search engines like Google.

Q: What factors go into determining a search engine's ranking?
A: Many factors come into play regarding search ranking. All the content like photos and links affect ranking, written content being the most important.

Q: What is a buyer persona?
A: A buyer persona is describing the type of buyer interested in a particular product.

Q: What is a copywriter?
A: A copywriter is someone who writes content for marketing or advertising purposes.

Q: What is an example of interactive content?
A: An example of interactive content would be a voting poll. Any activity that requires a physical or digital action from a visitor.

Q: What is data-driven marketing?
A: Data-driven marketing is marketing based directly on analyzing data in your market or business.

Q: What is sponsored content?
A: Sponsored content is content paid for by a sponsor, usually in the form of the product being reviewed or used.

Q: What is the best way to get people to read our content?
A: SEO attracts people searching for your content, and having quality content keeps them reading.

Q: What is the most common error made by digital marketers?
A: One of the most common mistakes digital marketers make is not doing enough research on your target field. There are countless marketing opportunities for all business types.

Q: What makes social media important?
A: What makes social media most important is communicating with others, and the number of people who use social media allows for more reach.

Q: What type of content should we make?
A: The more content, the better. Having various forms of content can help extend your reach even more.

Q: What’s involved in creating a content marketing strategy?
A: After contacting us, we will look over the type of content you currently create and what platforms your business uses and develop the best strategy possible.

Q: Which social media platforms should I use?
A: The more social platforms, the better. The most important currently being TikTok, Linkedin, and Instagram.

Q: Will digital marketing be beneficial to my company?
A: Yes. Creating campaigns that grow your online presence will benefit your company by bringing more awareness and traffic.

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