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500 Mb Website
Businesses use the internet for advertising, promotion, and selling products. Websites are necessary tools for building your business presence on the Internet. They provide you with an active place on the web where potential customers can explore and learn about your products or services that you offer.

A website is a great way to establish yourself as an expert within your industry and give yourself credibility in front of your target market. By having a professional looking site, it will be easy for current and potential customers to get information about you and make them want to do business with you. A growing number of people are going online in order to find places they can purchase goods and services from which means it's essential that businesses have websites so they can reach this audience online.

Having a website means being able to attract new customers and remain in contact with existing ones. It isn't just about selling your products or services but it's also a point of connection between you and your audience or clients. By making sure that you have an engaging site, people will want to keep coming back which builds further trust with them too. Linking the right content together such as video, audio and written text allows people to investigate deeper into information they might be interested in which can lead to more positive interactions on the site and increase interaction rates over time too.

If you are looking for ways to get your name out there, a website is great for this kind of activity since it puts you in front of millions of search engine users and you can connect with your customers in a way that is more interactive than traditional print media. And the great thing about creating a website for your business is that it is one of the most affordable marketing strategies you can use to grow your client base too.

Contacting people directly, through sending them email campaigns or promotional offers will have slightly higher conversion rates but they will also be much more expensive on average compared to advertising costs online. The best strategy for many new businesses using a website as their main marketing platform has been just to promote it as much as possible so that wouldn't-be clients are aware of its existence. This way, when people search for products or services in your field, are going to come up very high in the search results and it will also be very likely that they click on your website's link as their first option. This is a much more affordable marketing strategy than paying for people to get in touch with you by sending them direct emails or through advertising costs, which are significantly higher when done offline.

Internet Marketing

When running a business, both online and offline, you should have a presence on the internet such as having an official company email address - so clients can contact you through that using any kind of device they want without restrictions - a logo and headers used across social media accounts, websites and other promotional material etc. It is important to make sure your brand has an online presence because this will not only make it easier for potential customers to find your business but also save you money.

The high number of internet users means that it is easier to get information about your competition online, so if you're not on the internet then they have less competition and more chance of being successful. It can be difficult for businesses to succeed without an official website or at least a social media account. Having an actual website will allow you to control everything that is shown on search engines which means the best content - containing details of what your business does - will be viewable by anyone who carries out searches related to your industry.

There are many benefits as well as disadvantages from having a website for your business; however, there are certain reasons why every company needs one:

1. A presence in the digital market

Having a website will allow you to appear in front of consumers who are interested in your services. Those who have never heard about you and those who want more information on what you do, will be able to view contents that come up when they search for your business name online. This means they can see what your business is all about without having to leave their home or office - making it easy for them to purchase services from you if they like what they read. If these people decide not to contact you now, there is still the chance that they might remember your company in future which could lead to more sales later down the line.

2 . You can control everything about your accounts

You be able to gain extensive knowledge about what people think about your business online. Search engines provide tools for you to monitor and optimize the number of visitors on your website. This way, you can offer content which will not only attract new buyers but also encourage users to come back for more.

There are no extra charges for having a website as they are all free to build. A good domain name and hosting service mean that your website will be ready in just a few minutes – allowing you to focus on running and promoting your company instead of wasting countless hours dealing with technical issues behind the scenes.

3 . There is no such thing as too much information

Websites allow businesses to collect important data which can then be used to help make decisions regarding future plans and strategies.

4 . It increases your credibility

Having a website means that customers can find out more about you and your products. If they are impressed with what they see, it will help them to have increased levels of trust in you as well as building good relationships with the people who work for you.

5 . There is no limit when it comes to costs

All you need is a computer, internet access and some time. There are affordable ways to get online these days. You do not have to pay the huge costs of setting up an office with staff, equipment and expenses which come with it. As long as you can meet your customer's basic needs then that is all they will ask for at this stage of your business development.

So there are five reasons why a website is important for your business and well worth considering when you make plans about how to take your enterprise forward. If you require more information on how to set up or maintain a website, Learn More Optimized GMB Listing
One of the most important steps to take in order to optimize your Google My Business listing is investing in high-quality optimization. When you get more traffic, you'll have a higher chance of converting those visitors into customers. The main benefits are more exposure, more leads and higher conversion rates.

When it comes to optimization for Google My Business listings you want to make sure that your website isn't using any black hat tactics or spammy techniques that could potentially harm google's algorithm. This is important because the goal of a business owner should be getting as many qualified people through their door instead of losing quality leads to the competition as possible.

We build Quality Links to Your GMB Listing - Build quality links that point to your page in order to rank higher on Google search engine results pages (SERPs). The more backlinks you have, the better your chance of success. When building links we choose sites with a high domain authority so they can be ranked higher than those without one.

We help you grow your social media following for your business by using Facebook ads or other marketing channels such as Instagram and Twitter Marketing. Social Media has been named as the most effective way when it comes down to cost per lead generation. Grow social media follower base and use Facebook ads which are cheaper than google Adwords since they work off an algorithm rather than a bidding system.

We take the power of high-quality optimization for Your GMB Listing and link it to your optimised Facebook page, add our professional Website and in no time you have a small web presence that has the ability to grow ( our basic marketing package). Traffic and Conversions are not easy to come by these days. The best way to improve high-quality optimization for your Google My Business listing is by focusing on the basics and not taking shortcuts in order to get ahead of the competition.

We promote your local listings to get you more exposure and gain new customers with Google My Business. But it's work on your end too, you always need to add content to the site, keep an eye on reviews from previous clients, respond quickly when someone leaves a review for your business, make sure you are listing hours of operation in each post so that potential customers know what time they need to come if it is during peak working hours or after work. If you offer coupons or specials then include them on google my business as well because this will attract people looking for discounts.

Optimized GMB Listing

When you search for a local business, chances are you'll see ratings-and-reviews powered by Google (GMB) prominently displayed. Even if your company does not claim these listings, they may exist for your business - and that can be a bad thing! A GMB listing without proper ownership is an open door to poor, fake reviews. That's because the default setting for reviewers on Google is "anonymous" - and those fake reviews can cause damage to your small business.

Google has been working hard in recent years to stop review fraud across all of its platforms including GMB, but scammers posing as customers can still post negative reviews about your company even if it's never done business with them. So when a Google customer review asks if your company is 'trustworthy' or has 'good customer service', you certainly don't want to be answering "no".

This all goes back to the importance of claiming and optimizing your Google business listing. Optimizing a GMB listing not only gives customers quick access to important information like directions, phone number and working hours but it also helps decentralizes reviews and makes them more trustworthy. Optimized listings help customers know they are reading an actual client's experience with your business - not a sticker slapped on your door by some yahoo posing as someone who isn't even a customer.

GMB listings are extremely important for local businesses, especially new ones as customers often head to Google for information about companies before they engage. Optimizing GMB listings is like making sure your business has a website in the 90s, it's just necessary. Optimizing your gmb listing is free and easy! A few simple steps and voila! You're done. Optimization includes:

  • Optimizing your description
  • Optimizing your hours of operation
  • Optimizing images of the business and product(s) (with a quick way to see if they are legitimate images or stock photos - you can do this by typing the image name into google)

    If you have multiple locations, make sure every location has its own GMB page! If you need multiple listings, now's a great time to get them done. Once you've optimized one listing, click "Listings" in the top right corner and select "New Listing." It should take less than 5 minutes. Optimized listings are more searchable; customers looking for your business on Google will find you more easily. Optimizing your business' GMB listing is the best way to ensure that customers are finding your local business when they search on Google for keywords related to your products or services. Optimized listings also help to improve local search rankings, even if you do not already rank number 1 organically.

    Optimizing your GMB listing helps you reach customers who are searching for businesses similar to yours in the geographic area served by your location. Optimizing your business' GMB listing is the best way to ensure that customers are finding your local business when they search on Google for keywords related to your products or services. To Learn More about RDM's method of optimizing your GMB listing, give us a call.

    Why is Facebook so important for a business today?

    A Facebook business page allows companies to engage with their customers socially and build customer loyalty. Here are 6 reasons why you should have a facebook business page:

    1. Customers love photos and posts about your products, services, news, events, etc.

    2. A Facebook page allows you to interact with customers on a deeper level.

    3. Many people use their Facebook profile as a "home base" for all of their online activity. Why not take advantage of this by having them see your content?

    4. Facebook provides metrics that let businesses see how much engagement they are getting and the demographics of the people who are seeing their posts.

    5. Facebook is a low-cost, high-impact way to reach your audience.

    6. You can also use Facebook to promote any sales you have going on!

    7. Five of the top 10 most popular apps are owned by Facebook!

    8. You can even develop your own app on Facebook, and give it to customers for free so they don't have to leave Facebook to access it!

    9. The Facebook news feed has a 29% higher engagement rate than the average post on social media.

    10. Facebook is perfect for event marketing and promoting your physical store or small business location!

    11. You can also create custom audiences to target people who have already interacted with your brand, so that you know the content you create is actually relevant to them!

    And did we mention that Facebook has over 1 billion people using it every day? Your social media accounts are important to you and your business, but they can be time-consuming. You might not have the time or resources to manage them properly.

    In fact, about 33 percent of small businesses say that their social media marketing efforts are ineffective because they don't have enough staff or expertise . Professional social media management is affordable and easily within reach for any business with a good online presence and customer base. More importantly, hiring RDM to handle all your social platforms will give you back your valuable time while increasing engagement and growing the size of your audience .

    Benefits Of Hiring us to professionally handle your Social Media Management.

    More Time For Important Tasks

  • It takes a lot of time to add and maintain all your company's social media accounts. With a dedicated team member, you can spend more time on key tasks such as running the business.

  • You don't have to manage any of it yourself. Just tell them what you want and they'll do their best to provide it for you.

    More Engagement On Platforms

  • When a person comments or engages with your social media posts, that boosts engagement and will draw in other people who are interested in what you're saying . When your posts are ignored, no one is going to see or pay attention to them because you have too little activity on your page. The lack of interest can also cause potential clients to not trust you enough to buy from you or use your company as a service.

  • With RDM, you won't have to worry about any of that. You'll be doing all of the right things that make you look like a reliable and trustworthy source for information about what's happening in your industry . Therefore, more people will want to pay attention to your social media posts and engage with them. Having this kind of attention isn't just beneficial for attracting new business; it's also great for boosting morale among existing employees. When they know their opinions are valued and heard by others, they're going to love working at your company even more than before.

  • Assistance With Social Media Analytics

    It can take a long time to keep track of exactly how people are reacting to your social media posts. However, people don't want to constantly ask you for updates about this topic because it's your responsibility, not theirs. With the assistance of professional social media management agencies like RDM Group , you can get reports that break down exactly how well each post has done in terms of likes and shares.

    Retaining Customers

    After a customer has bought something from your company, it's up to them whether or not they choose to repurchase another item at some point in the future. If you're able to convince them that there are plenty of reasons why they should like and follow your company on social media, then more customers will be inclined to buy what you have available again. In fact, according to research conducted by Lithium Technologies Inc. , there's a direct link between the number of people who follow your company on social media and how often they're willing to make a purchase from you in the future.

    Keeping Company Information Relevant

    Since the advent of social media marketing, it has become far easier for any member of the public to contact companies when necessary. Even if you don't have an official Twitter account that gets checked every five minutes, members of the public can still tweet at you with any questions or problems they might have involving your brand . If you don't have someone monitoring this interaction and responding in a timely manner, then the customer may not feel as though their problem is being dealt with properly. Conversations about your brand therefore need to be responded to quickly and professionally, even if that means responding in the middle of the night.

    Relevant Content Creation

    Another important part of social media management is being able to create relevant content for your audience. If you have a very specific target market, then creating content that appeals specifically to them will go a long way towards engaging them with your brand and establishing yourself as an authority figure on social media. For instance, let's say you run a pet store specializing in reptiles. Your posts could include fun facts about lizards or videos of certain types of snakes eating mice. These kinds of posts might not appeal to everyone but they will definitely attract more attention from those who are interested in exactly what you're selling .

    Differentiating Between Company and Personal Accounts

    One of the most common mistakes companies will make when creating social media accounts is neglecting to create separate personal and company accounts. We strongly suggest you do not use your personal account to promote new products, share announcements or otherwise talk about your business . This confuses customers who end up following you on Facebook by mistake but then are treated to a barrage of posts they clearly aren't interested in seeing. You should also consider making an announcement that your account has changed and directing followers to visit your new page.

    Creating a Community Out Of Brand Fans

    Social media is all about community . So why not gather together everyone that's already interested in what you're selling? One great way of doing this is by creating a fan club for people who are already customers. You accomplish this by changing your Facebook page to a "brand fans" style, where you have contests and trivia (for example), but only for people who have "liked" your page to show their interest in what you're doing.